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Aiming to redefine success metrics in the affiliate arena, our challenge was to generate $1 million/mo in profitable revenue without spending a dime on paid ads. Relying solely on the strength of affiliate marketing campaigns and our profound expertise, we embarked on this ambitious journey.


Introducing a male enhancement product in an already saturated market poses the daunting task of differentiation. How can Erectonin carve its niche and become the go-to solution for men in US/CA/AU?


Achieve 200 daily sales with an Average Order Value (AOV) of $230+ and maintain a strong rebill rate for the second month and beyond.


We meticulously crafted over 20+ funnels from scratch, implemented retention marketing campaigns, optimized MID, and streamlined affiliate management. Additionally, we established a robust customer support system to enhance user experience and drive results.

Elevated Performance with Erectonin One: A Triumph in Affiliate Marketing

In an industry dominated by hefty CPAs and cutthroat competition, Erectonin One faced the daunting task of creating a high-converting offer, targeting solely affiliate traffic. To stand out and remain profitable, it was paramount that not only the offer but also the product, marketing, and customer support were top-notch. Our objective was clear: ensuring repeat orders from the same clients to amplify the Lifetime Value (LTV).

The ambitious goal set for Erectonin One was to achieve $1 million in profitable revenue without spending a dime on paid advertisements. The plan was solely to harness the power of affiliate marketing campaigns.


Our approach was systematic and multi-pronged:

MID Management: Knowing the volume of revenue we intended to generate, we strategically bulked up on Merchant IDs (MIDs) and fine-tuned the system to ensure a high approval transaction rate.

Custom Funnels: Parallel to MID optimization, we embarked on the creation of tailor-made funnels. Developed using PHP Laravel, HTML, and select CMS platforms, these funnels were uniquely suited to our needs.

Erectonin male enhancement

Retargeting Campaigns: To bolster our marketing efforts, we launched aggressive email and SMS retargeting campaigns, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our potential clients’ minds.

Call Center & Customer Support: Recognizing the role of post-purchase support in LTV enhancement, a call center was established. We also onboarded and intensively trained customer support agents to handle client queries and concerns.

Market Analysis: Before diving into solution implementation, a comprehensive market analysis was carried out. This allowed us to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, giving us a competitive edge.

Affiliate Marketing Materials: To attract and onboard affiliates, we crafted an extensive range of creatives and other essential materials. This ensured affiliates had everything they needed to effectively promote Erectonin One.

Affiliate Partnerships: With everything in place, we engaged and signed on numerous affiliates to run our offer. The result? Record-breaking sales figures.


Erectonin One not only met the $1 million/mo revenue goal but did so while maintaining profitability. This success wasn’t a one-off. We’ve since replicated this strategy across various offers and brands, generating impressive revenues and setting new industry benchmarks.

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