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Common questions

How does the CPA model benefit my brand compared to traditional advertising?

With our CPA model, you only pay for actual sales. It eliminates the risks associated with upfront advertising costs and ensures you get tangible results for your investment.

What is the minimum monthly revenue or budget required to be a Sirka client?

While we welcome all clients, for an optimal fit with Sirka's services, businesses should be generating or planning for a monthly revenue of $50k or more. This ensures we can deliver the most impactful results for your brand.

How much do Sirka's services cost?

The cost of our services varies based on individual project needs and objectives. At Sirka, we pride ourselves on flexibility. We're open to working with both newly developed brands and established large companies. Our ultimate goal is to transition to a CPA basis model once a high-converting offer is established, ensuring you pay only for the sales, aligning Sirka’s interests with your success.

How quickly can we start implementing an affiliate program for our brand?

Once we understand your specific needs, we can swiftly initiate the process. Typically, brands can see their affiliate programs up and running in just a 3-5 weeks.

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