Nutra SS/Trial 2023: Insights from an Overseas Nutra-Lover (Supplements)

23 October 2023
Nutra SS/Trial 2023: Insights from an Overseas Nutra-Lover (Supplements)

Hello, Nutra-lovers!

Did you know that the supplement/nutra market in the USA is three times the size of the American gambling industry? In 2022, it reached a staggering $165 billion, compared to gambling’s $50 billion. Nutra products are sold everywhere in America, professionally and lucratively.

When it comes to nutra, affiliate marketers often associate it with call centers, intimate creams, outdated designs, and landing pages featuring perpetually smiling stock photo models from the year 2013.

Leads, lead approvals, bizarre geos you’ve only seen on maps—online sales are evolving, changing like any other business. Competition, trends, and societal shifts dictate new desires and approaches. But why have Nutra-lovers remained stuck in 2013? Why no change?

Bad creatives

Supplements are Not Nutra

Living in the USA for the past few years, I’ve been involved in supplements and nutra. I’ll explain the distinction later. I trade online, on American Amazon and other platforms, even a bit offline through local pharmacies and stores. In good months, we sell around 20,000 bottles. But I stick to a white-hat approach. Well, I did.

Nutra niches resemble affiliate marketing: Keto, ED, beauty. My white-hat business partner is well-versed in this arena, an experienced individual. He enjoys educating me: people will always want to have sex and be sexy. To have sex, you need to be attractive. So, let’s help them!

Thanks to my extended stay in the USA and connections with Amazon sellers and Shopify vendors, I’ve observed how people build businesses with a white-hat approach. I call this approach “supplements.” On Amazon and other platforms, dietary supplements and vitamins are referred to as “supplements.” It’s a given!

Last year, I decided to delve into ways to boost website sales, as my site was barely making any sales. People were transitioning from Amazon to my subpar websites and occasionally making purchases. I faced the challenge of deciphering how to sell products that were priced at $20-$25 on Amazon through my own site, aiming to reduce reliance on the marketplace.

Supplements are Not Nutra

Nutra is Not Supplements

Fortunately, my experiences with white-hat marketing allowed me to conduct experiments with strategies that didn’t succeed. It was all messy, unprofitable, bans were issued, and tears were shed into my pillow.

Yet, through this adventure, I stumbled upon an arbitrage scheme in the midst of observing landing pages for Keto Gummies, Male Enhancement gummies, and other magical products. This niche is what we call “nutra.”

I’d like to distinguish them: nutra is not supplements, and supplements are not nutra—a play on words.

To make a long story short, after a year, we launched ME/CBD and Keto offers, for the US Geo, straight sales and trials. I struggled with development, establishing partnerships, testing various technical solutions and niches. The cost of this endeavor? An apartment in central Kyiv and a lot of stress.

Nutra is Not Supplements

But my tears and hard work weren’t in vain. In the first month, we generated $300k in revenue, followed by $500k in the second month, and so on. With the aid of traffic from different affiliate networks, own buyers, and our own affiliates.

My first nutra brand

Despite these impressive results, I declare that nutra SS/trial is fading away. Lazy tactics and blunt approaches by affiliates are relentlessly attacking my beloved field, leaving it with no chances, virtually beaten. In contrast, the supplement market reached $165 billion in 2022 and continues to grow.

Next, affiliates complain that “it doesn’t convert” and continue searching for an offer that might pay $20 more, but shave 20% off from all sales. EPC, never heard of it—some kind of new AI??

Having experience as an affiliate, a nutra advertiser, and a white-hat supplement seller, I’ve decided to share insights from the nutra/supplements space across the ocean. I’ll focus solely on nutra/supplements SS/trial, as COD is not a possibility here. Or rather, someone attempted launching COD affiliate programs in the US, which proved unsuccessful.

Customers who buy nutra products possess a specific psychological profile that makes them susceptible to being sold, pitched, or persuaded. Call it what you will. Just yesterday, I walked down the street and encountered many ordinary people facing the same issues as everyone else: they want to lose weight, be a bit more well-looking, and a tad more attractive. So, how do we convert a broader audience?

Approaches, formulations, designs, and funnels evolve. But why not in the nutra? Look at this story from a broader perspective, as on the Supplements. Not just through the lens of affiliate marketing. Consider it in terms of nutra and supplements. Let’s take the example of the US market and engage in the following exercise.

Skip the popular, cheap, “pharmacy-style” brands. Search for the category “vitamins supplements” with a Best Seller Rank (BSR) below 10,000, prices above $30, and over 300 reviews. Alternatively, search for keywords like “Weight loss,” “Male Enhancement,” etc. Pay attention to brands like Phytage Labs, 1MD, Gundry MD, Colonbroom, Pure Man, etc. Then, examine how they sell outside of Amazon, focusing on their landing pages, funnels, and retargeting strategies.

Nutra brands on Amazon

Review articles

Google “[brand] + review/compare.” You’ll find numerous SEO articles comparing miracle products. For instance, here’s a link. Use these to peek at competitor brands’ approaches, landing pages, and funnels.

Here is a link to such an “article”.

Review articles


Identify industry giants and study them. For instance, nutra and pharma adult/ME markets include,, and more. They have dozens of different landing pages, quizzes, and funnels. Here’s a report on Hims. These folks achieved nearly $200 million in revenue in Q1 alone and are aiming for over $800 million by year-end. There’s plenty to learn from them.


Nutra Landing Pages: An Overview

Nutra/supplements are additions or complexes that complement dietary intake. Legally, these aren’t considered medicinal products worldwide. However, we affiliate marketers sell these vitamins as remedies that can cure, enhance, or reduce. White-hat brands do the same, but they’re five years ahead of us. So, let’s adapt their strategies and create our own.

Here are the landing pages, pre-landers, and creatives that are probably familiar to all SS/trial nutra marketers. I’m sure those in the know will recognize something familiar that they used just the day before yesterday.

Landing page for Nutra

The same pre-lander copied and pasted by anyone and everyone who wants.

A copied Nutra pre-lander

2016 design, a cluttered order form, and text that’s hard to read without smiling. Targeting insecurities and problems, promising quick solutions. The scheme works, admittedly. But why not approach it from a slightly different angle?

2016 design Nutra landing

Creative - Everest of Creatives, a golden thread. It yields a high CTR but lacks credibility and mislead.

A high CTR Nutra creative

Bad creatives are a part of Nutra ad campaigns, otherwise supplements.

A set of bad nutra creatives

Sources and the metrics to aim for

Let’s touch upon the topic of traffic sources a bit. To keep the article from becoming too lengthy, let’s talk about Facebook only. After all, guys from the CIS region really love Facebook. Nutra SS/Trial campaigns are running on Mark’s platform, and it’s supplement brands that are doing it. Over the past six months, a substantial amount of traffic and various arbitragers have passed through me, allowing me to see the approaches and how FB converts for Nutra.

A common situation: throughout the day, different partners/teams launch their campaigns, some getting 3-5 sales from 100 clicks, while others get nothing. When we look at the funnels of those who get “nothing,” my lip trembles, and I feel like giving them a hug. Why are you clicking buttons on your laptop and spending your time and money, buddy? Maybe painting is more your thing?

The traffic powerhouses for Nutra SS/Trial are our foreign comrades: Americans, Canadians, and their affiliate networks. They understand how a keto trial or ME SS (male enhancement) should convert, or some sort of Skin cream. Funnels for all advertisers are more or less the same, and those who are running campaigns understand what to expect in terms of statistics from “little blue pills” on Facebook’s BM.

In Nutra SS/Trial, EPC (earnings per click) is the driving force, the key metric in this scene. Some measure offers by CR, based on their own quirks. Advertisers are accustomed to EPC. And the Americans, Canadians, and our serious folks here only look at that. Don’t complicate things, EPC is the universal yardstick, making it simpler for everyone. Nutra in the US sometimes comes with a CPM of $20-30 and a click cost that’s equivalent to two liters of premium gasoline. Approach it with intelligence!

If you’re doing everything more or less right, your EPC should be around $2, then you won’t get stuck. Look for an approach/offer with an EPC of 3-4+, that’s already good. But perhaps you should aim for an EPC of $6-10, then there will be smiles and the sound of coins ringing.

Where to find good offers for Nutra/Supplement? At Traffcore ofcourse!



There’s a concept called GEPC - Guaranteed EPC. 90% of Nutra-lovers haven’t even heard of it. What’s up, Jeps? AI again?? But even in Google, there’s not much information. I found a link though. When powerful wizards come and want to run my offer, they or I can suggest running it on a GEPC basis. This protects the affiliate from losing money on the campaign.

For example, last week we agreed with the mighty ones of this world on 5000 clicks (clicks specifically on my landing page, not their pre-lands) at $6 per GEPC. We’ve worked together before, they know my offer, and I know their traffic. So, if the EPC is less than $6, I pay them the difference. In simple terms: I pay them $160 for a sale, and with 100 clicks, we want to see almost 4 (3.75) sales. With GEPC, I owe them $30,000 for these 5,000 clicks, and they owe me a minimum of 187.5 sales. If there are 150 sales, I still owe them $30,000; if there are more sales, I pay the remaining amount based on CPA. For me, as an advertiser, it’s a headache to find traffic sources, while for the arbitrager, it’s peace of mind. But this only works when there’s some kind of relationship or mutual confidence.

I can’t help but remember other top sources for CPS/trial Nutra offers that the CIS guys don’t quite understand:

  • Native ads
  • Google / Bing
  • SEO, review articles
  • TT
  • Adult networks

I’ve ranked them from best to worst, in my opinion. Facebook sure is one of the strongest things. You need to know how to work with something other than Facebook; when there’s a storm there, it might be calm here, and vice versa.

Facebook, White-hat

We’ve just glimpsed how nutra works on Facebook through the tactics of the black-hat marketers. However, since we’ve touched upon the white-hat approach, let’s delve deeper into some prominent brands like Hims, Skinnyfit, and my personal favorites, AG1. Let’s explore the funnels they use, their creatives, and the insights they offer. This information serves as the starting point for your creative thinking, helping you borrow ideas and approaches and adapt them to the nutra field. Identify more similar brands, analyze them, and integrate their strategies into your own.

The white-hat approach also offers valuable lessons, focusing on customer satisfaction and a longer lifetime value (LTV). Supplement brands don’t rake in profits solely from the first sale; they need to convert customers repeatedly to ensure a sustainable business model. Their ads accounts don’t get banned as often, allowing them to refine their approaches, optimize their campaigns, and fine-tune their funnels. Nutra advertising similarly aims to make more than a single sale, known as rebill. However, our approach is audacious and bold. We’re not overly concerned about customer perception; we hit them with our pitch straight between the eyes. I might elaborate on these processes in another article. But for now, let’s return to the white-hat.

A lot of ads, minimal time investment on search.

Hims creatives

Hims favors using quiz-based funnels. Partners who run my offers also use quizzes in their pre-landers, and it works well. Quizzes engage potential buyers, and through well-crafted questions, you can hit on their pain points and desires.

Hims funnel

Hims caters to the male audience. It’s out there, with its ingenious strategies, designs, and funnels. While it’s a pharmaceutical brand rather than supplements, you can still extract valuable ideas from its methods.

Next is Skinnyfit, catering to women. An Amazon brand that transitioned to online sales, it might not be widely recognized, but its focus on weight loss, superfoods, and gummies aligns closely with our approach.

Thousands of advertisements can be easily found on Ad Library or directly in the Facebook Ads Library.

Skinny fit creatives

While the landing pages resemble to Nutra/Keto offers, there are distinctions. You can borrow ideas.

Skinny fit funnel

Another example is AG1, a superfood brand. It’s not even present on Amazon but is highly popular in the USA. Go to their ads on native ad platforms or their websites and let their advertisements inspire you—a useful exercise.

AG1 creatives

They possess impressive funnels and designs, exuding trustworthiness. Customers in the 2020s are accustomed to this aesthetic, especially Americans. These brands have heavily invested in branding and marketing.

AG1 funnel
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