Why you need Bundle Landing pages and how they increase AOV and CR

29 October 2023
Why you need Bundle Landing pages and how they increase AOV and CR

Bundle landing pages are becoming an increasingly popular tool for boosting conversion rates and average order value (AOV) for online stores. But what is a bundle landing page, and why can it be beneficial for your business?

A bundle landing page is a specialized landing page that features curated sets of products that are logically grouped together. The goal of such a page is to persuade visitors to purchase several items at once rather than settling for a single product.

A good example of a bundle landing page can be found at Olipop!


This is a popular approach in both black-hat and white-hat niches, as well as in gadget offers. You’ve probably seen such pages in various forms. Here are a few examples:

A typical page with bundles from a nutra brand:


Or a similar layout at Biooptimizer. After selecting a set, the customer is directed to the cart.


A similar approach in a white-hat offer from Pique


Effective bundle landing pages allow companies to:

  • Increase the average order value by selling additional products
  • Enhance customer loyalty by offering advantageous sets
  • Reduce logistics costs when shipping multiple items in one order
  • Improve the user experience by providing ready-made solutions

Which types of companies can benefit the most from implementing bundle landing pages? Primarily, online stores in the cosmetics, electronics, clothing, sports goods, and other categories that allow for logical combinations.

Of course, the main purpose of such pages is to increase the average order value. There is also a type of bundle landing page called a TSL (Text Sales Letter) bundle landing page, as exemplified by the brand Native Path. TSL stands for Text Sales Letter. In simple terms, it involves a lot of text on the landing page, often with a compelling story. This text explains why this particular offer is the right one for the customer. Scroll through this offer to understand what TSL means.


In summary, bundle landing pages enable online stores to sell additional products to customers and increase the order value in a seamless process. However, simply combining random items won’t work. To drive conversions, you need specialized landing pages designed to promote your curated sets of products.

Check out this great Bundle Page from Glossier


Follow these seven proven strategies to create highly effective bundle pages that will convince customers to buy more:

1. Select Complementary Products

The foundation of an effective bundle is the relevance of the products. Include items that naturally complement each other in terms of function, purpose, or aesthetics. Shoppers want to see cohesive sets that intuitively go together. Random combinations only lead to confusion.

2. Base Your Bundles on Data

Let data guide your bundle formation strategy. Analyze historical purchase patterns to identify products that are frequently bought together. Products purchased together 5-10% of the time indicate a high potential for bundles. With lower fulfillment costs for a single order, you can offer discounts while maintaining profitability.

3. Communicate the Total Value

Convince customers to buy the bundle instead of individual products by demonstrating the extended usefulness and improved user experience. Explain how the products work better together, solve a problem, or enhance results. Don’t focus solely on savings; highlight the overall benefits.

3. Leverage Social Proof with Reviews

Product reviews increase conversion rates. Display prominent ratings on bundle pages. Allow customers to access detailed reviews for added trust. Use review applications like Junip to collect and showcase authentic recommendations.

4. Show Discounts for Bulk Purchases

Wholesale customers expect discounts for buying more. Meet their needs by showcasing discounts on multi-item bundles on offer pages. Tools like Simple Bundles make it easy to create and manage tiered offers.

5. Make the Process Interactive with Configurators

Add an engaging element by including quizzes for customers to create their custom bundles. This allows shoppers to assemble their ideal set. Flexible question types from Okendo can help tailor the experience to your brand.

6. Offer Subscriptions

Give customers the option to subscribe and automatically reorder their favorite bundles. Subscriptions increase customer lifetime value and enhance convenience through regular deliveries. Highlight the savings associated with subscribing compared to one-time purchases.

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